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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

merry Christmas everyone!

it 25th december the month of our saviour Jesus christ was born... lets cherish each of our day and have fun! Merry Christmas again i wish to you all.... today... for the second time celebrating Christmas without my family around me... hard time.. but still thanks goodness i have my second family here... my friends~~!!! we celebrating christmas together~!!! :D

today i follow my friends to KAJANG CHURCH.... where we go to have our mass first and celebrate our birth of the savior... feel joyful cause there's a lot of people around... and how the celebrate it today... i can feel the mood... the christmas spirit... i just love seeing all this christmas spirit in everyone heart... <3

after that we decide to go to explore KL for the time being~~!! going to KLCC then to Bukit bintang~~!! there's a lot of christmas tree around KL... plus i can feel that the theme for this year is PURPLE... a lot of purple and i love it... cause purple is my favourite colour! here are my time in KL.... my free time away from assignment~~!! here my day... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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