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Monday, December 23, 2013

i really wish you miss me too...

hi all...

i don't have a really good feeling now... maybe because its been a week that i was very happy thinking of someone who hardly i gonna meet again.... today... its was my first time the tears fall out... i don't really know... but i was very happy this morning till afternoon that i saw something that hurt my heart... its just a picture only but then a lot of though start to appear... maybe because i really miss you so much... but then... i notice that you going to some sort of event... i found out that you having so much fun... meeting a lot of people and.... very close to others too... i was just don't know how to express my feeling but just can keep my feeling toward myself and it hurt my heart so much that i end up crying before i even going to nap... napping is something i do in order to forgot something or don't want to think about it... but then as i awake... i start think about you again.... why is this happening!!! is this call as jealousy?? but then you not even my someone... just someone that i have feeling with and just a crush???

why is my feeling playing with me??? knowing that
you comment on someone else photo or status and feel like i was getting smaller in your memories... you gonna forgot about me soon.... this is why i hate so much... knowing that i like you so much and end up there is nothing i can do about it... its just a crush... why am i getting this so serious....??!! why??!!! i don't think i can delete you from my memory as you are someone i had try to release from my feeling before for about 3 times already... but its all useless as you keep on pop out in my mind and also there always something that remind me of you... i just so miss you so much that i can't even forget about you...!!! sometime i even hopping or thinking that you gonna come by here for a while to meet some of your friend here... at least i can see you or meet you... i just hoping for it only... haiz~~~ is this too much for me to ask?? i really hope that i meet you again~~~

it is hard for me now.... i can't be so easy to be play by my feeling like this... i need to graduate my study sooner... the sooner the better... but i really hope that you miss me sometime... knowing that i just clapping with one hand that does not even produces a sound... its hurt me to know that i miss you for no reason... i really hope you know my feeling toward you... but i know that it is hard for you to notices it right?? how silly am i that i think that miracle do happen between us... what should i do?? i miss you so much as i like you also thats it hard for me to erase you from my mind.... what should i do??? you just someone i wish to meet again... :D

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