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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

merry Christmas everyone!

it 25th december the month of our saviour Jesus christ was born... lets cherish each of our day and have fun! Merry Christmas again i wish to you all.... today... for the second time celebrating Christmas without my family around me... hard time.. but still thanks goodness i have my second family here... my friends~~!!! we celebrating christmas together~!!! :D

today i follow my friends to KAJANG CHURCH.... where we go to have our mass first and celebrate our birth of the savior... feel joyful cause there's a lot of people around... and how the celebrate it today... i can feel the mood... the christmas spirit... i just love seeing all this christmas spirit in everyone heart... <3

after that we decide to go to explore KL for the time being~~!! going to KLCC then to Bukit bintang~~!! there's a lot of christmas tree around KL... plus i can feel that the theme for this year is PURPLE... a lot of purple and i love it... cause purple is my favourite colour! here are my time in KL.... my free time away from assignment~~!! here my day... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Monday, December 23, 2013

i really wish you miss me too...

hi all...

i don't have a really good feeling now... maybe because its been a week that i was very happy thinking of someone who hardly i gonna meet again.... today... its was my first time the tears fall out... i don't really know... but i was very happy this morning till afternoon that i saw something that hurt my heart... its just a picture only but then a lot of though start to appear... maybe because i really miss you so much... but then... i notice that you going to some sort of event... i found out that you having so much fun... meeting a lot of people and.... very close to others too... i was just don't know how to express my feeling but just can keep my feeling toward myself and it hurt my heart so much that i end up crying before i even going to nap... napping is something i do in order to forgot something or don't want to think about it... but then as i awake... i start think about you again.... why is this happening!!! is this call as jealousy?? but then you not even my someone... just someone that i have feeling with and just a crush???

why is my feeling playing with me??? knowing that

Saturday, December 21, 2013

christmas!!!! 4 more day in countdown~~!!!

hi all....

its been a while right... hye! its 4 more days till Christmas... anyone exciting of this season... i know i am very exciting of it~~~!!! its Christmas day, the day of our savior was born... come down on earth to save us from our sin.... my Jesus, my savior.... someone has save me long time ago... He is my hero... Jesus... thank you for you present on this earth and saving all your people and lead them to the right path... up till now... your teaching have been spread throughout the world... there will be so many soul had been save by your present long time ago... i always know that you will always be with us.. no matter where we are... you are with us... not long again is your birthday.... i hoping to celebrate your birthday with my family around but... thats okay... i have my family here... my friends... they are my family here... Jesus... thank you for your present here on earth!!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

born to be the real, not to be perfect!

hello all dear blogger reader....

have you all ever go through a lot of hardship of what people think or talk about yourself??? i guess all of us has been through it right??? there are no exception... including me... i also heard that i been badmouth by others too... not someone thats knows me... but from someone that are really close to me... it is really hurt that people badmouthing you right? really hurt... especially someone that you're close to and someone that you see them like a family to you... but to tell the truth... you're bad words about me behind me won't make me lose my hope in my life but to tell me which people i should trust and believe in... my ears are as sharp as a knife that i know whoever that talk bad about me behind my back.. you stab me from the back, don't regret how i gonna treat you back... i won't stay back cause... i just be good to people who good to me but not to someone who stab others from behind...

gossiping?? rumors?? you believe in what people said before even before identify it if it is truth or not... sorry to said, you are dumb or idiot to even believe in it... rumors and gossip are spread by idiot  and believe by idiot... sorry that i use the inappropriate word in this blog but it is true!

we are born to be who we want to be... and not what others ask us to be... pretend to be who you are not is like you are living in a world where this world is not mean for you but for others,,, you too have the voice to speak for yourself so why don't just use your voice to speak up..! so just be yourself... don't be what others ask you to be... you won't feel the happiness of living in this world and happy to be and live as you! believe in yourself that your life is in your hand and not in others hand~~!! so remember... we are born to be real but not to be perfect! remember that~~!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

its just too fast~~~

i just realize something about love... love is something we need to be patient of... if one of the side start to take one take forward.... you will be end up in friend-zone.. thats for sure... its hard to denied it... but i had been seeing it with my own eyes... so... just take one step at a time is better... if too fast... everything we plan of will be broken... just be patient.... fruit won't grow fast with just a blink of eyes right? so how about the patient to wait for it to grow? just stay still and everything will be okay!

to tell the truth lar... right now... i fell that i not interested on search for my other half right now... just that... i give up on trying to find one... i always told myself... it will be when it gonna be... just let it naturally happen... maybe that will make me think of myself more then think of others... i always think of others feeling... how about my feeling? is it just a piece of paper to write on....?? i guess... i need to pay attention on myself then others now... i am more important to myself... me and only me... thats all i gonna think of... when think back again... assignment really freak me off last semester... now... i need to always taking care of them... distinction... you are my target to graduate in the first class... thats my target for 2015! i gonna graduate soon within 1 years from now!

just let it naturally happen... if love really is my year for this year... maybe i will accept it... i just said MAYBE.... but if not.. let it be like that... if it really happen.. i will be very happy! for just some reason... hahaha xD just wanna comfort myself... out of stress is something better then never right??!! so don't worry... just be patient and take one step at a time! :D

Thursday, December 5, 2013


i always wonder.. dream... why, what , when ,where and how.. its happen.. lately... i having so many type of dream till i wonder... why do i dream about this?? sometime.. i just feel weird with my dream.. its feel and look real... but the true is it was just a dream that i dream... in my dream... i always think that it is real... since... the people i dream is all i recognize by voice and name and person... its hard to differentiate am i dreaming or not... cause everything seem logic and make sense to me... 

sometime i really hope that what i am dreaming is true... cause thats how i want my life to be... i just realize that i am too brave in my dream then in reality.. where i can said whatever i want without any worry but the real me can't cause i will always think how the other will think and their emotional... i just don't like to hurt others...

saying about hurt... am i gonna hurt others soon... cause i feel like i gonna be.. but...... i just hate to know that i gonna hurt another person... they are my friends... but i scare my action will hurt them emotionally and not physically... the pain that i really scare to hurt my friend is through emotional... cause that will give them a big wound in their heart.... but i how i won't... i just hope...

wow... another 26 days to go until the end of the year 2013... so fast... really fast.. how will i end my 2013 life?? single?? in relationship?? hmm.... lets see what will happen.. hehehe xD i just like to wonder around a lot... how will my 2013 life end... and how will my life in 2014 start and move?? i wonder... i just hope that i will be happy and gain more experience in life... hope for the best and the best is for me! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

i'm a reflection.....

hi and good morning all... :D

its a raining day today and my mood is not quite fine today.... just because of i awake at the wrong side of the bed... well... i also woke up and the middle of the night... >.< i really hate to wake up by that time......... feeling moody today... >.<

i hate to admit that i was wrong... when i do said sorry i really admit it... so don't take my apology for granted... i mean what i said and i do what i do... thats hows i am... i'm a human too.... i do make mistake... i'm not that perfect... not all the thing i can do... there also thing i can't do... i'm human... if i can do everything.. then... i am not me... thats different cases...
so... please treat me like others too... i may hurt others feeling in progress or while knowing others... but i will always said sorry if i do hurt others... but if they start to treat me in the wrong way... then i also will treat them the same way they treat me... i'm a reflection in the social... you treat me that way... i treat you my way... see how hurt the way others treat me like how i treat them.... they treat me in a good way... i will treat them more better then how they treat me... its hurt to know that the person you think as your friend stab you from behind... you can notice it the way how they treat you... but i won't show that i hurt from what they done... cause... if i show that i am that weak.. thats mean.. they win and they are happy for what they done but they won't know the pain that hunt the person that they hurt... the person that they hurt think that they are her/his friend and trust them more... but when the trust has been broken.... thats when everything that been keep will lost and hard to stick back again....

so everyone... if you think it is fun to hurt others... hurt them more.. but if you were hurt in the process... don't ever be angry or mad at them... it is you who hurt them first and they treat you the same as you treat them... maybe they are a reflection like me... so beware of how you treat others.. cause thats how they treat you back... this world have karma... what go around come around.... remember that!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

hello everyone!

its December! December... this is my favourite month of the year! not because of its the last month of the year but because is it nearly Christmas... ya~~~!! its Christmas... the month of our savior was born... born into this world to save all that believe in Him.. God so love the world that He gave his only son to this world to save us.... this is why i feel so happy this day that i know i have been save! yes! i am been save! this is why i love the month of December... it was to remind me about the love of God... that is so expensive to buy cause it is priceless... With God by my side, i can do everything that i feel i can't... cause... "I can do everything through Him who gave me strength" Philippians 4:13... thats what the bible said!

in this month of December... i just can hope for happiness... i just hope for happiness for my family and friends... hope every of their wish come true! by the way... make sure stay tight and take care of your health this December... cause it is the last month of the year.. before we step our foot in the year of 2014~~~!!! stay happy and stay healthy!! in the month of December!