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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Girl Hangout Time

i think it had been a long time not update this blog..
i am busy with other thing
abonded this blog again...
since i had something today..
i gonna shared it here..
me and my friends..
having a girl hangout time..
it been a long time not meet them..
i think
this is the last time
i meet them before i off to University!
walking and shopping
talking and eating...
playing and buying...
that what we did...
i am happy..
hope to meet them again in future
by that time
i think we had all
having a lot of story
to talk about!
university lifestyle....
i off to sleep now...
my dear follower
and reader....
until now
this is Fiona Sharon..
and you are reading my post
in my blog
"Lady Of Airtime" Blogspot...