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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Lovely sister... study hard!!!!

just now...
my sister just go back to her school!!
and make me want to go to
university faster...
i am impatient now...

i am alone again....
sleep alone..
wake alone...
talk alone...

everything is alone!!!

so now i am alone...

nothing to said
but just hope
she will come back soon!!
can't wait for the school holiday
and meet her!!


until now
this is Fiona Sharon
and you are reading my post in
"LADY OF AIRTIME" blogspot...,

Thursday, February 16, 2012


i once said that i will not regret it
but i had lie
i lie myself
till i regret it until today.

i once said that i will forget it
but i had lie
i lie myself again
till i remember it until today.

i once said i won't do it
but i lie
i lie myself again and again
i keep on making an excuss
that make me like this until today!!

will what was that??
is it something??
just something...

it just a lot of lie that keep on happen in my life..

I keep on making an useless excuss
but i once never ever try it!!

i am scare to be hurt!!

until now
this is Fiona Sharon
and you are reading my post in
"LADY OF AIRTIME" blogspot!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Childhood Memory

today is 14/2/2012
valentine day!!!
i guess a lot of couple when out to having fun..
since i am all alone at home..
i am seaching for something fun to do~~~
just then i found something nice to refresh!!!
I had hid up a lot of memory!

i had open a photo album
that had all my childhood picture!!!
trying to put myself up!!!
i really cute when i small!!!!
really hope that my childhood face stay until now!!
i really like my smile back then...

here is the picture...

isn't me cute...

until now
this is Fiona Sharon
and you are reading my post in
"LADY OF AIRTIME" blogspot!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Being single
is not a painful or pitiful status.
is all about freedom!!!

i been single for 18 years now,
and nothing bad luck happen to me!!
why is everyone is sad about being single??

every year
the days before valentine day!!
from facebook to twitter to myspace!!!
start posting!!!
"gonna be alone this valentine day"

is it really weird to be single!!
come on!!!
there are life and future infront of us!!

don't think negetive!!!
try to be positive!!!

just think that
God had save you for someone that is very special!!!

think about it!!
you are special infront of God's eye!!
cheer up and be happy!!

kinda think about it!!
i still remember that i make a promise for myself
that not gonna have a boyfriend till finish my form 5...
i am so great!!
never broke my own promise!!!

thank you for reading!!

until now
this is Fiona Sharon
and you are reading my post in
"LADY OF AIRTIME" blogspot!!!

My Fate

i never know that i gonna abandon this blog after create it!!
i think i should start to fill in here!!

now back to the topic.
i just found out that
family not always together.
some are going further their study,
some are out of the house for working.

leaving the house all empty.
really hope that family always stay together.

my mom just told me
that from my parent view
i am still an unmature child
that needed my parent to view me!!

i am 18 this year
while my mom see me
that i am still 8 years old.

hopping to have driving lesson this year
but been rejected completely
without even thing about it!!!

my family kinda lovely!!
i know that mom really love me
that she scare that anything can happen
to me if i drive a car
before i even have a job.

come to think of it!!
i know that my family love me...

i am lucky that i am still a child!!!
i scare being old!!!!

THIS IS Fiona Sharon