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Thursday, September 30, 2010

BEAST - SOOM(breath) mv

hehehehhe~~~~ their mv come out!!!!!! love it so much!!!!!! their comeback is tomorrow!!! need to see!!!!  they look so!!!! wow~!!!!!! hehehhehehehhe......

Friday, September 24, 2010


ar~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow a school day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate it much~~~ >< why it always be on saturday!!!! i want to rest!!! hate it when schooling on saturday!!! can't rest!!!


today~~~ not really much happen~~~~ it was a speechless day???!!! maybe~~ hehehhehe... thats all~~~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ah~~~~ its really hard~~~ having hard time!!!

it seem like i had change a lot this year!!!!! i'm not like before!!! it seem like i'm not me!!!! why????? i always wonder but no answer come out~~!!!! today nothing special happen.... it was like a normal day to me but it was raining cat and dog this morning!!! very cold~~~ really cold!!! hehheehehehe^^ haiz~~ plus with my exam result was the worse i ever had!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last term exam need to add oil liao lor~~~~ haiz~~~~ i can't believe my eyes~~!!!! really having hardship o~~~~~ i really need a shoulder to cry on!!!!!!!! anyone~~~ huhuhuhuhu....... can't give up!!!! need to go out from my shell now!!!! really!!~~~~~ i really need to go out from my shelll!!!!!!!!!

23/09/2010~~~~~ another day for me~~~~....

Friday, September 17, 2010

GOD is my savior!!!!!

hehehehe~~~~ nothing to said~~~~!!!!
well that just now that i just learn that we need to forgive people before it was to late~~~ the movie just now was so interesting but also there is a certain part was sad~~~!!! thats is how God is~~!!!! he give us chance to forgive people before it was to late~~~ God is really the BEST!!!!!!! thank you God!!!!

friend, make use of time and try to forgive others!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


today still in MIRI!!!!
 thats all.....
not taking exam but still feel worried about my exam!!
 not fully take all the exam!!!
no relaxing~~~
thats all~~~