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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


tomorrow start another test again!!!!!!!!


hahaha~~ come to think of it.... i haven't update my blog for a long time..... my blog is sleeping~~~~~ come to think of it, today was my country independent day~~!!! MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! hehehehe~~~ weird right~~ haiz~~ its still an exam weeks for me as a student, nothing has change!!!! keep on wonder???!!! DO EXAMINATION IN SCHOOL THAT IMPORTANT!!!!! shut up~~~~ OF CAUSE IT IMPORTANT!!!! hehehehehe~~~ kinda!!! hahahha~~ well although today was a public holiday for malaysian, student like me still STUDY......STUDY...... STUDY!!!!! there are no REST..... REST.... REST...... REST.... REST!!!!!!  wake up my friend!!!! it still exam week~~~~~ wait a minute!!!! *freeze for a while* if there is an exam, of cause there is an holiday!!!! yepee for HOLIDAY!!!!! hehehehehe~~~ can rest our mind from tension!!!! thinking of holiday~~~ where i will going on this holiday????? <<< hehehehe~~ thats a big question for me~~~~ hwaiting!!!! exam i can overcome you!!!! hahahahhaha~~ watch up exam!!! hehehhehehe/...... wait for me holiday!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



EXAM~~!!!!! WEEKS~~!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

past tense!!!!

i going to write blog about my past data~~~~@@@@@@

come to think of i had my asthmas back...... going to school feel like wanna fly..... even inside the class a little hard breathing!!!! can't breath like freeze!!!! but the good thing is my friend care about me!!!!! going to the lab surely haiz~ so tire!!!! as i said wanna fly right~~ there one time i almost faith out!!! luckily there a canteen and i sat there for a while!!!!!! then continue to walk to school~~ i think that whole day i didn't even heard what my teacher teach me at school..... like i said my soul has fly away before my body!!! hehhe.... not dead a~~~~

then i went home, what do you think i do????? well!!! not sleep!!!!!!! study....... study .................. study!!!!!!!! cause next week is exam week! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay down~~~ then what violin practice!!!???!!! next month music performent~~ i'm in the orchestra........... so practice is important and this sunday got the meeting at miri~~ went to miri this sunday at 5am from bintulu and reach at  7am in miri~~~ then from 9am to 6pm meeting~~~~ then back to bintulu!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah~~~ can't i not go to school this monday??????

another day of life~~ thanked to GOD given me a another life!!! nothing special~~ like normal as usual!!!

wow!! the day of archery competition!!!

it was fun!!!! but my hand hurt cause of the string!!! it was 10 time painful then you been hurt by the violin string but this!!! very painful!!!!! by the way~~ its still a nice day!!!!

my friend's birthday!!!

nothing special just as usual as other day!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

hard breathing!!!!

i kinda feel like it realy hard to breath!!!!! really!!!! haiz~~ if only i not go to the beach that day!!!! ish.... what a bad luck for me!!! my asthma back from holiday!!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

piano vs violin


i guess this month is totally busy right??? my guess many is taking music exam this month.... hehehe^^ if i not mistake is the practical exam..... for al musical instrument right...... example violin, piano, cello, organ. flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, violoncello (maybe this instrument less people get....), what again...... ehmm.... i think there still many right.... GOOD Luck to all that take this exam!!!! i was lucky cause already finish all my exam... but i kinda think to get grade 9 for my violin!!!! and the reaches level 10 ...... then i get my diploma for my violin level.... don't that sound great!!!! haiz~~~ if only i get my grade 9 this year and grade 10 next year.... after form 5, surely i had get a course for violin diploma and get the course i want at once.... no need to wait again!!!! 

many had ask me whether piano is one of my favourite music instrument...... do you know what i said to them.... well piano is also just like piano but i prefer violin better.... you ask me why?? well if you play piano.... yes i admit that it interesting but the style in playing piano was not as graceful and beautiful as playing violin.......  hehehe... sorry to all of my friend that learn play piano.... (sorry.... sorry.....)..... come to think of it.... i would like to take piano lesson...... do they accept me, if i want to learn a new instrument? and i just get to important part and skip the theory part since i had learn music theory earlier as i had learn violin with my violin teacher..... now that my violin teacher had back to Britain and not come to Malaysia again, i had to find a new music centre..... WHERE TO GET MY PIANO LESSON???????? ANYONE CAN TELL????? hehehehe^^

hye!! i just think that today was a sleepy day for me..... all and all nothing had happen... today not much   interesting thing happen in school nor at home....

Friday, August 6, 2010